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Welcome to the Paper Tiger Catamaran site

The Paper Tiger Catamaran is an exciting single-handed catamaran that provides enjoyable, competitive racing for a wide range of ages, weights and strengths. It has tight control over the rules that guarantees exceptional racing, yet there is sufficient freedom within the rules to give plenty of opportunity for sailors to experiment.

Why choose a Paper Tiger?

  • Exciting performance and exhilarating sailing while still being manageable in very strong winds.
  • Large fleet National and International competition of a very high standard.
  • Great fun and a real pleasure to sail and race.
  • Light weight, so they're easily handled afloat and ashore.
  • Some of the closest racing you'll find among catamaran fleets.
  • Responsive, manoeuvrable handling which encourages challenging, tactical sailing.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Rules that are tight enough to ensure close racing, yet with sufficient freedoms to satisfy those who like to tinker.
  • Copes with a wide variety of skipper weights and ages.
  • Excellent performance against similar sized catamarans.
  • A great social scene.