PT Info CD

Would you answer "Yes" to any of these questions:

  • Have you recently purchased plans to build a Paper Tiger Catamaran?
  • Have you recently purchased Paper Tiger Catamaran hulls from a professional builder and are about to assemble the boat?
  • Do you own an older Paper Tiger Catamaran and want to modernise the way it is fitted out?
  • Are you about to embark on restoring an old Paper Tiger Catamaran?

If so, you can download a copy of the PT Info CD (see below). This informative CD has been compiled by the PTCIA to help people that fit the criteria above, especially if they are remote from the major fleets of Paper Tigers. The CD contains numerous articles and photos about various topics, including:

  • Building a Paper Tiger Catamaran
    • Articles and photos from five different builders, some of whom have built several boats
    • Build Costs
    • Hull Weights
  • Fittings (how modern Paper Tigers are fitted out)
    • Centreboards & Centreboard Raking
    • Rudders & Rudder Stocks
    • Masts, Mast Section Comparison, Mast Bases & Booms
    • Halyards & Halyard Locks
    • Beams & Beam Bolts
    • Stays & Stay Lengths
    • Mainsheets & Travellers
    • Outhauls
    • Leechlines
    • Turnbuckles & Chainplates
    • Trampolines
    • Vangs & Vang Spanners
    • Downhauls
    • Other general fittings information
  • How to guides, including:
    • Paper Tiger Tuning Manuals (1980 & 1997)
    • Rigging a Paper Tiger
      • Stepping the Mast
      • Basic Rig Settings
      • Measuring Mast Rake
    • Sailing a Paper Tiger 
      • Basic Controls
      • Avoiding Mast Damage
      • Sail Trim
      • Getting the best performance out of your Paper Tiger
  • Transporting your Paper Tiger
    • Trailers
    • Trolleys
    • International Transportation
  • Paper Tigers in Action
    • Photos of Paper Tigers being well sailed
    • Video footage

The PT Info CD is a "work in progress" and is regularly being updated and added to. Those who receive a copy are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions so that the content can be improved. To obtain a copy or to provide feedback or suggestions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The CD is now available as an ISO (CD Image) download at the following address:  Once downloaded you can use your CD making software to burn to a disc.