We do not see or store your credit card details nor can we process your credit card payment offline.  We use PayPal to process all credit card payments. With PayPal, you can also pay with bank accounts linked to PayPal or from your PayPal balance.  Payment is made instantly, so please make sure everything is correct and you have selected a delivery method.  Credit card is our preferred payment method.

If you are an international customer and choose to do a direct deposit using our SWIFT code and other details, you may be charged a fee through your bank.  If this fee is not paid at your end, we may ask you to pay it before your items are shipped out.

Payment by cheque is possible, however there will be a processing delay as cheques take 3-7 days to clear.  All cheques need to be made out to "NSW Paper Tiger Catamaran Association"

If you are a member of a Paper Tiger Catamaran Association, to get 10% off your order, you must enter in the code your association has provided you at checkout. Failure to provide the code at checkout will result in the order being processed at full price. Shipping prices are not included in the discount.


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email: sales@papertigercatamaran.org

phone: +61 413 006 760

address: c/- 35 Redground Road, Crookwell NSW 2583